For Larry : Other words for teaching...


Other ways to look at how that word works. Sharing experience, handing on a practice, a process.  The making of anything demands a discipline & a practice.  Transforming imagination into action, making the imagined exist.  Creating a place where the transformation is possible, without needing to know exactly what the outcome will be.

Taking a photo, making a pot.  Making an episode of Casualty.  Process, equipment & technicality need to be at the service of the idea.  How to liberate thinking, to use the kit to make the thing.  Not allowing the stuff dictate the outcome.

Liberation, vision & voice.  Being here & being seen.

Speaking with Amy today, discussing teaching, she described how she feels it works for her. And it's not performing to please the students (children for her).  It's about working together, and discovering the events together that allow them enjoy it.  Collaborating towards laughter.  

Learning happens in an environment where responsibilities are discovered and shared.  A teacher becomes someone who frees up the material.  Knowledge and experience creating an environment where thinking is possible, where its consequences are unknown and discoverable.  The experience and trust that I need to create that place, communicates itself to those people I am working with.

Coach / coaching / coached : coach potato

Collaboration : consorting with the enemy or creating a place to grow : planting seeds, gardening,

Sowing the whirlwind / reaping the storm

Searching for grains of truth.  Investigation / enquiry.