Apples - autumn arriving

Autumn.  Here already.  Boxes of apples, damson bloom, evenings stretch out dark for so much longer.  The equinox passed,  more night than day until... the next equinox.  Colours change, shift, fall, carpet.  Seeing through trees happens more often.  Silhouettes at evening are sparser, harsher dark shaped branches, inner structures reveal after so many months hidden.  Transition to the fire colours.  The way the light recedes and leaves is different.  Brief moments of pale stubble fields radiating upwards, before shadows gather and flatten everything.  Rook caw and owl screech.  Even a fox screaming on Addleymoor adds darkness and erotic charge to the unrolling dark.

Retreating inside, there is more time to... read, write blogs, watch dvd's, catch up with... sleep.  The dark outside is pushing the windows.  Underwater darkness.  I love this time of year.  There's no trouble finding an excuse to light a fire.  The fields and common outside quietly continue to be full of hidden exuberance.  

The car is full of apples.  In the cool of morning it will smell like the cellar of my grandma's greenhouse, softly damp with the memory of gently stored apples at any time of year.  Leaving the topmost ones glowing in the dying sun.  Can't reach them anyway, and leave some for the birds.

So, autumn has come.  Welcome